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Our retail store is busier than ever.  New product is coming in daily from markets we attend from around the world.  To keep our readers abreast on all our cool wares, we have enlisted the help of one of our savvy retail associates, Jane Shelton.  Each week, Jane is going to “round up” her favorite products of the week and tell all of you why she hearts them.  So without further ado…here is Jane’s first “Retail Round-Up”!

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01. What’s my inspiration for this first weekly edition?  Gearing up for the weekend and welcoming friends from our beloved city of Charleston.  I’ve had my eye on our Root platter’s and bowls since they arrived and it’s time I put one to use.  The natural rings and colors lend so much interest and texture to a room or tablescape.  I’m going to use it to display napkins and silverware so that my friends can easily grab what they need before they hit the delicious spread my hubby prepares!  Then, when it’s back to our normal lives, I’ll place it in our entry way to catch keys and loose change as we head in and out the door.

02. One of our guests, Justin, had a birthday last week and is an avid gardener.  The vegetables he can grow out of his tiny backyard garden in downtown Charleston is impressive, to say the least.  I think he’ll love this gorgeous hardcover cookbook, Plenty.  How could you not get inspired by the vibrant pictures and suggested ingredients.  And with a J Banks bow around it, it’s the perfect gift.  I know he’ll love it!!

03. Fall wedding season is in full swing and one of my all-time favorite wedding gifts to give when you don’t want to buy off the registry is our Pear salt and pepper shakers by Michael Aram.  Not only does Michael Aram scream wedding gift (in a good way), it’s a nice way to say, “you are the perfect pear!”  Whether they are used for actual seasoning on a dining room table or are accents on a shelf, I like to think that when they glance at them they will remind each other of their big day and how perfect they are together. 04. Michael Aram has something for everyone. Our shipment of new arrivals include many gift items under $50, including this adorable dog bone frame! Make sure to visit J Banks Retail to find the items that suit your personality for every celebration!


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