Before & After…Olde Harbour Inn

Located in the heart of Savannah, Olde Harbour Inn is a historic hotel that we had the pleasure of redesigning. The Inn’s style was transformed from an outdated space into a fresh and modern boutique hotel, all while still maintaining its strong historic roots. We wanted to share some incredible before and after images of the project to show the power of design and how we reinterpreted this space.


Before Lobby images…

image 2


image 4b

After Lobby image..

Designer Shelley Wilkins had the ceiling, beams and walls repainted with a gray wash to brighten the space. She added cypress paneling to the walls for texture. Wilkins also had certain walls removed to create better spacial flow. She wanted to limit the colors to a neutral palette incorporating pops of light blue to keep the space calm.  We wanted the space to be welcoming and warm, so comfortable seating was a must. We added a mirror to balance out the mirrored cabinet on the opposite wall. And finally the oyster chandelier added a traditional lowcountry element!

image 5


image 7

image 8

On the opposite wall from the seating in the lobby, Wilkins designed antique mirror cabinetry to hide items behind the doors while also keeping the space reflective and bright.

Olde Harbor Inn (3)

She designed the cabinetry to house concierge brochures and office supplies.

Olde Harbor Inn (2)

Adding “X” mullion detailing in the antique mirrors help to keep the look traditional but not too fussy.

Olde Harbor Inn (1)

We hope you enjoyed this amazing transformation and if you are ever in Historic Savannah, be sure to stop in the boutique hotel and check out the space!



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