One Kings Lane: Light Up Your Look Campaign

As an interior designer, I am always looking for new fashion forward furniture and accessories. As I aim to scout the best of the best for my clients, I often get the chance to  step back and admire the beauty of an interior space. Just like lighting in a room can transform the space from ordinary to extraordinary; a piece of jewelry can be the key to enhancing the perfect outfit.

In an effort to showcase the relationship between fashion and interiors, one of my favorite retailers One Kings Lane, has asked me to think about my favorite chandelier in comparison to my favorite piece of jewelry as part of their Light Up Your Look campaign.

As I racked my brain about my favorite chandelier, I began thinking back on when I worked on a project in Italy. A very memorable time in my career, where my encounters and experiences were once in a lifetime…

While working in Italy on the project Castello di Casole, a Timbers Resorts property, I often met and worked with amazing artisans. Each meeting was an adventure, often accompanied by food, drink, and family.  The relationships made during the 10 years of working provided us a true look at the life and families of the Italians who contributed so much to make this property outstanding.

Sandy Burden, Director of Interiors for Timbers Resorts and I  at the Rubelli showroom in Venice.
Sandy Burden, Director of Interiors for Timbers Resorts and I at the Rubelli showroom in Venice.

We were fortunate to use Rubelli fabrics and furniture throughout the project.  A visit to Rubelli to make selections was a highlight; one of two opportunities that Rubelli gave us to see Venice through the eyes of locals.  Arriving at the Rubelli showroom in Venice, we were awed by the woodwork, the fabrics, the archives, and the view. Working within this space was an experience that was awe-inspiring.

During this trip, Rubelli arranged for us to meet with Giampaolo Seguso, the renowned Murano glass maker.  His works are on display in MOMA, the Guggenheim as well as many other museums around the world.

Taking us through the evolution of his designs, the six centuries of Seguso glass blowing in Murano, and ending with his poetry; this was a day that I will never forget.  As a result, I will long for one of his chandeliers forever.

Sandy and I with Giampaolo Seguso in the Seguso showroom in Murano.
Sandy and I with Giampaolo Seguso in the Seguso showroom in Murano.

Chandeliers light our rooms and transform spaces in a way that general lighting and lamps cannot; just as jewelry can change our outfits and transform your look.

The chandelier from Seguso that I most adore is the Coloniale, shown below.

Coloniale Chandeleir-

The glass work on this chandelier is extravagant, making the light reflect in the most unique way, adding a bit of sparkle to any room it would occupy. Immediately after finding this chandelier, it reminded me of a ring by Ippolita, given to me by my husband, shown below.  It too adds a sparkle to any outfit. The colors and the cut remind me of the qualities of this chandelier.  The light reflection changes the color and the translucence, as does the light level and time of day; just as the effect of a chandelier changes according to the time of day.

20150206_124936_resized 1

Next time you are coveting a specific piece of jewelry, note what it adds to your outfit, and don’t be afraid to use that same sparkle in your home!




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  • One of the best blogs I have ever read!
    Your anology of a lovely piece of jewelry
    to an equally lovely chandelier is a perfect
    way for a client who enjoys fashion to feel
    more comfortable about the process of
    putting a room together! Bravo…and I love
    your ring.

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