Building the Valentine Project

For those of you who do not know, Joni Vanderslice, President and Owner of J Banks Design, her husband Rick Vanderslice and a team from Hilton Head Island traveled to Tanzania multiple times over the past few years. Upon leaving the country, the group left with a heavy heart for the country and the orphans/widows that occupied it. Therefore, the team became committed to helping these children in any way they could. Thus, creating The Valentine Project, whose mission is to serve the orphans of Tanzania by providing a safe, family-like environment for the whole child to grow, and to raise and empower a new generation of Africans who can create businesses, jobs, opportunities and peace while spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

We are so excited to report that the construction of the first building at The Valentine Project is almost complete. The first building phase includes an orphanage, garden to grow veggies and a chicken coop. As you can see below, they are well on their way to introducing their first group of children into the orphanage.Valentine Project 5Valentine Project 4Valentine Project 3The main building for the children has been plastered both inside and out and has acquired new window and door frames as shown above.

Valentine Project 2Valentine Project 1The gardens have been completely prepared for their first harvest.

Joni and The Valentine Project team will be headed to Dar es Salem in early July for the opening ceremony of the orphanage. We will be sure to keep you updated. For more information please visit The Valentine Project’s webpage.


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