JB Hearts our Interns!

As summer 2015 begins to come to a close, we reluctantly say goodbye to the five talented interns we had with us this summer. Interns at J Banks Design work in all parts of the design process, from our design studio to the retail store. We try to get the interns involved in as many projects and tasks as possible so they can get a true feel of how the interior design world at J Banks Design works. This year our superstar interns, Rachana Palakurthi (Masters of Interior Design at Savannah College of Art and Design), Hannah Lelie (Interior Design Major at Ringling College of Art and Design), Katie Jenkins (Senior Interior and Architecture Design Major at The George Washington University), Anna Blackburn (Recent Interior Design Graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design) and Kelsey Lanier (Interior Design Major at the University of Florida), played an integral role during their time with us. They helped our team accomplish project deadlines, organize our studio and even participate in a full inventory of the J Banks Retail store. We are so excited for their future and wish them the best as they venture out into the world! 

Left to Right: Rachana Palakurthi, Hannah Lelie, Anna Blackburn, Kelsey Lanier and Katie Jenkins

We have asked each of them to share a little bit about their time with us.

Rachana Palakurthi:

“Traveling a long distance from India to study MFA in Interior Design at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, I, Rachana Palakurthi as an Intern at J Banks have been privileged to be a design support for this company. A company where you almost feel as an employee unless someone tells that you are an intern. A company who gives enormous exposure to us in various fields of design. A company where you feel you are surrounded with wonderful people and who treat you like your own family member. I am sure everyone would say that Tuesdays are the best in the company – free lunches and sometimes breakfasts with great knowledge gaining meetings on the materials and product launches by different companies in the market.

Finally in the end I would like to say, this is a great ground for any interior designer to learn, experience, explore, experiment and implement their ideas in the field of design, whether it be in commercial or residential design. I feel 10 weeks just went at a rocket speed and I am really going to miss working with them.”

Hannah Lelie:

“The best part of my internship was getting to learn about all the different materials and products that I can use in the future. Also learning how a top interior design company functions every day. I like working for J Banks because of the family atmosphere of the company. There is a large support stuff that helps everything run smoothly. At J Banks every customer feels comfortable and confident in the designers and the company as a whole.

What design means to me. Design is something we live in everyday and a lot of people take that for granted, someone has designed everything we use on a daily basis. Design is more functional than more classic forms of art, because design provides something that can be lived in, mass produced and shaded. In interior design, designers aim to make a beautiful functional space that can be aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to everyone.”

Anna Blackburn:

“I’ve loved interning with J Banks! I’ve learned so much about interior design that you cannot get in a classroom. I’ve experienced not only working with fabrics and furniture but how to handle multiple clients and run a successful business as well.”

Kelsey Lanier:

“When I first began my summer internship with J Banks, I didn’t know what factors I would take with me at the end of my journey. With everyday that passed, I learned a side of the interior design field that I never knew existed. It quickly became apparent to me that this small island design firm was in fact, not small at all. Upon meeting the dozens of women that worked here, I felt like a tad pole in a big lake. But I was welcomed with warm arms and felt at home right away. J Banks runs their design side in a similar way. With an international client base, there is not one project that is ever left short of perfection. J Banks has a big corporate design presence, with a small trade feel, and every individual counts.  I’ve come to realize that J Banks is a big family and we all work together to complete a project, and every branch counts, all the way from the roots to the new leaves at the top! I feel very fortunate to have started where I did, because it has allowed me to understand other aspects of a design firm. J Banks has turned unanswered questions into knowledge, and transformed acquaintances into true friends that I will always cherish.  I am forever grateful for the time I have spent at this firm, which I now consider family!”

Katie Jenkins:

“My favorite part about J Banks is the diversity of talent and how each person plays a vital role in the completion of projects and tasks. J Banks works together to constantly revise their goals and elevate their quality of work. They are truly an example of integrity and professionalism.”

We are sad to see our interns go but we look forward seeing their talent flourish into their bright futures!



If you are interested in an internship with us, please send your resume to hr@jbanksdesign.com

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