The Perfect Gift for Mom!


Every year, just as we are starting to take in Spring and the warmth and bright colors it brings, we turn our attention to one important person in our life. She carried us, loved us, encouraged us to be the person we are today. We gave her daily heart attacks as we learned to walk. Then she watched in the bleachers as we would run, jump, tackle, or kick to win! She congratulated you any achievements and helped you learn from many mistakes. There was no one more proud when we walked across the stage and entered the turbulence of adulthood, and she was only one call away when it became too much. When we were all but ready to give up she gave us the extra push we needed. This Sunday, we are celebrating all Moms. We will never be able to give them back what they offered up for us. We can, however do something she never does, splurge on something just for her!

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