• Looking Glass
  • New Ravenna mod palm tile
  • Tanzanian Squiggle jewel glass mosaic
  • Wimbi stone mosaic
  • Kubuni stone mosaic
  • Kubuni jewel glass mosaic
  • New Ravenna KubuniGrand2-sm
  • Maji, a hand-cut jewel glass mosaic, shown in Moonstone and Opal Sea Glass™. Designed by Joni Vanderslice for New Ravenna.
  • Maji stone mosaic
  • Mlima stone mosaic
  • Mlima stone mosaic
  • New Ravenna mod palm tile
  • NewRavenna_Tanzanian Trellis Grand glass
  • NewRavenna_Wimbiglass
  • Wings stone mosaic
  • Wimbi sm
  • Tanzanian Squiggle Bathroom
  • Kubuni Grand, a hand-cut and waterjet mosaic, shown in polished Bayard, honed Montevideo, Weathered White glass, and brass.
  • Diamond and Octagon petite glass
  • Kuba Stripe
  • Kiawah petite
  • Classic Wave PC
  • Serengeti Stripe stone mosaic

The New Ravenna tile line mixes motifs that have inspired us on our journeys traveling and working around the world. With this collection we are bringing the outdoors in through a blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

The 15 patterns in the collection are reflective of elements found in nature such as water, wood, and palms, and are visualized in mosaic form through various applications of color, texture, and shape.

The mosaics tell a story which begins with the essence of refined, relaxed southern-coastal style and travels through the rich colors and graphic patterns of African tribal design. Specifically, Vanderslice drew inspiration for this collection from her travels to and around Africa through her non-profit group, The Valentine Project. By partnering with local Tanzanian churches, Vanderslice’s Valentine Project aims to provide safe homes for orphans in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Vanderslice, who loves to play with color and scale, incorporated soft, neutral hues that evoke the inviting relaxation of a low-country retreat, as seen in Kubuni Grand and Tree of Life, and a vibrant coastal color palette, as seen in Tanzanian Squiggle and Wimbi.

As each New Ravenna mosaic is made-to-order, any of the J. Banks Collection mosaics can be customized with the client’s material preferences to fit the project’s scope. The collection is available at New Ravenna showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Dubai.

View the full J. Banks Collection for New Ravenna on the New Ravenna web site.