J. Banks Tile Collection for New Ravenna

  • New Ravenna mod palm tile
  • New Ravenna mod palm tile

Full collection launching May 2018! The New Ravenna tile line mixes motifs that have inspired us on our journeys traveling and working around the world. With this collection we are bringing the outdoors in through a blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

The Mod Palm mosaic is inspired by a personal photograph and embodies the contemporary/traditional blend. The tropical nature of this piece takes on a new dimension through the mosaic application. Intensity in color and texture are magnified in each individual tile, with the larger composition revealing a detailed work of art that is suitable for both home and resort.

All pieces are reflective of elements found in nature – water, wood, palms – through various applications of color, texture and shape.

View the full J. Banks Collection for New Ravenna on the New Ravenna web site.