Residential Design

Our residential interior design projects can be found around the world. While we are headquartered in Hilton Head Island, SC, our interior design projects can be found in Palmetto Bluff, Vail, Tuscany, Ireland and California, just to name a few. View a map of all J. Banks projects.

Good taste is not an abstract ideal, but a tangible concept that is specific to each client.  We capture our client’s vision with the same passion as if it were our own and deliver the best parts of that vision with an elevated presentation.

Our residential interior design projects are dynamic and ever evolving.  Each completed home interior project evokes a feeling of “life made better” through creative design.  The homes are livable yet sophisticated; elegant yet casual; functional yet breath-taking. The end result always reflects the true character of our client, but has an overall feel of being done well.  No two J. Banks’ residential home interiors are the same.  The only consistency is that each reflects style that is timeless as well as a comfort level tailored to the specific client.