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The J. Banks Design Group’s blog is where the firm shares news of ongoing projects, company events and philanthropy efforts.

The J. Banks Design Blog

Our recent posts include the design inspiration soaked in by the team during a trip to Paris Design Week in January. From two concurrent events, Maison et Objet and Paris Deco-Off, many newly released products were sourced for upcoming projects.

We also shared news of the latest activities at the Valentine Project, an orphanage founded by the Vanderslice family. Joni Vanderslice, our president, traveled to Tanzania, Africa, with her family to see how progress had been made in different aspects of the program. From tutoring on the grounds to primary school at Stabella Academy, the children have been excelling in their studies. Even out in the community, they are often at the top of their class. This is a testament to how the right care, encouragement and love can help any child succeed. The children are proud of their grades and show their report cards with enthusiasm. They are smart and they know it!

The most important and gratifying success is how much these children love each other. From the youngest to the oldest, they care for each other. They know who their family is. They know this is their home. The Valentine project is not a holding place; it is a playground, a worship center, a dining room, a farm. It is full of the peace that surpasses all understanding. It is a home. We will continue to share news about this important effort in the coming years.

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