Coastal Living Magazine

coastal bathroom design by j banks design group is featured in the march 2018 issue of coastal living magazine

March 2018
Coastal Living featured “Cozy Little Hideaways” and featured a bathroom design by J. Banks Designs.

With streaming light, a screen of palms, and a tub for soaking away the world, even a five-star resort can’t beat the serenity of this corner bath on Spring Island in South Carolina. We’ll hold your calls.

Channel the Ocean: Four-by-four glass tile ooring makes the room feel as if it’s oating above the sea’s aqua surface (and creates a colorful counterpoint to the bright white palette). Each tile is slightly varied, mimicking the appearance of moving water.

Let the Light In: Café-style plantation shutters leave the upper windows clear to usher in plenty of light; the surrounding palms are like graphic natural art.

Add Character: The cast-iron claw-footed tub is be tting an island manor house. Its carved mahogany legs contrast the floor’s sleek glass with a bit of age.

Clear the Air: Greenery helps connect the bath to the landscape. Plus, houseplants such as devil’s ivy and Boston fern are air-purifiers—fitting add-ons for a proper spa.

Interior design by J. Banks; architectural design by Historical Concepts. The tub is by Waterworks.

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