A collage of a man's office, showing his collections of fishing equipment and memorabilia

Happy Father’s Day!

“Men’s Spaces” – an excerpt from Southern Coastal Living: Stylish Lowcountry Homes by J. Banks Design

In almost every home that we do now, the men want one room that is their own designated domain: a place where they can get away to, concentrate, watch a football game. They always want these personal spaces to reflect their interests: golf, boats and the nautical life, travel, whatever it may be. Part of the fun for me is pulling that information out of them. Watching them settle in once the rooms are complete is such a pleasure. They really use their rooms. Usually, they cannot wait to show off their space to their friends and visiting family members.

I have found that in men’s spaces, wood is particularly important. Men seem to truly love beautiful woods, especially when it is stained in rich, dark shades. They also love texture. In my experience, they also have an eye for items that show the touch of the hand—pieces that may not be quite as finely finished or as perfect as those we would use elsewhere in the home. Once the essential elements are in place, the challenge lies in finding or creating those pieces—whether whimsical or pertaining to a special interest—that express their character, reflect their personality, and capture their passion.

Men's spaces often show his personality with fishing equipment and memorabilia.My husband, Rick, has his special place at the top of our house, overlooking the water, just off the area where our daughters do all their art, craft, and sewing projects. His home office is like a treasure map of his passions. We’ve filled it with items that reflect his enthusiasm for hunting, fishing, and Africa—including the antique maps of Africa that I collect for him. The old maps are fascinating, in part because it took such a long time to map the entire continent, and in part because the boundaries of the countries have changed so much over the centuries. His maps document the transitions of colonialism, as well as the eras before and after. Each is different and has its own history. I’ve been able to find them at auctions, which I love. Because Rick is a doctor, my stepmother searches out a gift each Christmas that is related to medicine; she is the force behind his collection of antique medical bags. His fishing gear is handy, as are his hunting trophies. It truly is a man’s space.


A man's office with conference table and model sailboat and yacht racing trophies

“Men’s Spaces” is excerpted from Southern Coastal Living: Stylish Lowcountry Homes by J. Banks Design  by Joni Vanderslice. Joni is the Founder & President of J. Banks Design Group and the designer of the J. Banks Collections for EJ Victor, Stanford Furniture, Kravet, New Ravenna, Paragon Art and Holland & Sherry. 


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