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Joni Vanderslice is the president of the J. Banks Design Group and when we have news of new product launches, philanthropic efforts or design products she has realized, we file the posts under this tag.

Joni Vanderslice

One look at the posts filed under this tag and it’s clear that Joni Vanderslice has a dynamic presence in the design industry. She has launched an array of new products with a list of lauded manufacturers during the past several years that include EJ Victor, Stanford Furniture, New Ravenna, Paragon Art and Kravet. She has participated on panels and held educational seminars at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC); and spoke at What’s New What’s Next at 200 Lex in New York City.

Joni won the 2018 Impact Innovator award at the NEXT Conference in Austin, Texas, for J. Banks’ efforts to improve the lives of orphans in Tanzania, Africa, through the Valentine Project. In 2015, she and her husband opened an orphanage in Tanzania called the Valentine Children’s Home that serves dozens of children, many of who have lost both parents.

“I would say I’ve gotten more out of it than we’ve given,” she said about receiving the 2018 Impact Innovator Award. “You gain so much from these experiences. It’s very much an integral part of our business, giving back. That’s been part of our mission statement from the beginning, but this is taking it to a different level.”

Joni started her South-Carolina-based interior design firm over 30 years ago, which has grown to employ 50 associates, and includes a retail business on Hilton Head Island and numerous licensing lines.

three images of collections used in decoration of living room

Artworks and Collections in Interiors

The most dynamic and livable interiors include artworks and collections. They are not confined to furnishings of any singular look or period combining personal pieces and art works that vary in period, shape, form, color or culture and arranging them harmoniously creates interest, timelessness and in some cases a bit of whimsy. Interiors are deeply personal and by layering artwork and collections tell the stories of the people who inhabit them.  J. Banks Design Founder and President, Joni Vanderslice , includes the following chapter in her monograph, Southern Coastal Living.


A collage of a man's office, showing his collections of fishing equipment and memorabilia

Happy Father’s Day!

“Men’s Spaces” – an excerpt from Southern Coastal Living: Stylish Lowcountry Homes by J. Banks Design

In almost every home that we do now, the men want one room that is their own designated domain: a place where they can get away to, concentrate, watch a football game. They always want these personal spaces to reflect their interests: golf, boats and the nautical life, travel, whatever it may be. Part of the fun for me is pulling that information out of them. Watching them settle in once the rooms are complete is such a pleasure. They really use their rooms. Usually, they cannot wait to show off their space to their friends and visiting family members.

ej victor collage of j banks collection furnishings

J. Banks Collection for EJ Victor

The award-winning J. Banks Design Group has partnered with North Carolina-based high-end furniture company, EJ Victor, to develop a line of furniture that provides elevated, luxurious design for both residential and hospitality consumers. In their first-ever collaboration, J. Banks and EJ Victor harnessed their collective industry and market expertise to develop The J. Banks Collection for EJ Victor, which launched at High Point Market, October 12-17, at the EJ Victor showroom.

joni vanderslice is one of three wnwn speakers in 2018

Joni Vanderslice Speaking at What’s New What’s Next

Joni Vanderslice was a panel speaker for What’s New What’s Next 2018’s “Global Hospitality: Inspired Design for Public Spaces.” Hosted by EJ Victor and Architectural Digest, AD 100 Designer Ryan Korban, Award Winning Hospitality Designer Joni Vanderslice, and 2016 International Luxury Designer of the Year Greg Natale discussed their inspiration, collaboration and approach to designing for public spaces from resorts to retail to real estate.

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